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The whole story started at a usual team meeting. There was a discussion about using Gartner’s toolkit for Application Fitness and Value…

The whole story started at a usual team meeting. There was a discussion about using Gartner’s toolkit for Application Fitness and Value Review . There was not much enthusiasm filling out another excel sheet. Someone mentioned that it would be more fun to do it with an App. A few jokes went around if it can be done in a weekend for a bottle of wine, and then we just moved on.

Challenge accepted

I thought it would be inspirational to my fellow architects if I could make this happen. Here is the story of a weekend and a Coding night @Zmags .

Disclaimer — Gartner owns all the copyrights about this evaluation toolkit, therefor I think I cannot share it. For the same reason I cannot share the full source of the project. I have no money for lawyers.

The product

It is all about evaluating a list of applications against certain set of smart criteria with rating, than visualise the result on a chart. So there is a list of application, a questionnaire, a rating between 1 and 5, some smart algorithm, and a chart. That’s it!


Specification in 15 minutes

Warning — Scope creep!

Than I started thinking about if this app could be a SaaS product. Could it be that companies maintaining their application portofolio fitness here? Can Gartner offer this as a service? And than I just went amok on features. Added authentication, web interface, Import / export and API, payment. What could give it more added value? Let’s have a timemachine-like history.

Oh and lets add authentication, and registration so the app can be sold as SaaS. Let’s make a full-scale application portfolio management extension etc.

STOP! This is a weekend project for fun!

Speaking of timeframe

I had a weekend plus a coding meetup @Zmags + commuting time. I made a total 6 hours at weekend (Not bad with two small kids :) ) + 6 hours at the meetup + 1 hour on the train. It was ca. 13 hours of pure coding fun.

The Research

So I had to find out how to make the app. Here you can see the process and the results in telegramm style:

Google — Github — Cocoapods — Google — Stackoverflow — Google — Github — Stackoverflow, Cocoapods — Google — Google…plus I had some experience with iOS and Swift from earlier.

The results

The Pods

target 'gartner-application-fitness' do
pod 'Alamofire',
pod 'SwiftyJSON',
pod 'STRatingControl'
pod 'FontAwesome.swift'
pod 'Charts'


Yes, I clearly haven’t done any TDD or BDD on this. It was a pure “It should work on the first run” coding.

The Contribution

I couldn’t find a star rating control that can work together with UITableCellView. No problem, lets find something close to and contribute. This is the best thing about Open Source!

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The aftermath

Coding is pure fun! I have demoed the app at the next team meeting. I’ve made a proof of concept. It is impressive how much can be done nowadays.