Got hooked — The glorious ZX-81!2015-03-11T21:23:00.000Z

That was a great moment i my life when I first got my hands on the glorious ZX-81! Turning this superior machine on, fighting with BASIC, using hours and


hours than finally understand what does it mean variable, loop, memory, address was a joy. The continous stimulation and success gave me so much energy, I am still running on that boost.

Every time I am staring a new project or getting an assignment, I am still getting goosebumps like the first time.

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The biggest thing working with software is the fact that it is soft for me. You can turn your imagination into (digital)reality. You can see the results instantly and alter them just after that.

You are continuously reaching to the next achievement with success. You can try things without the fear of breaking anything.

So don’t hesitate to start coding something! Your success is guarantied. Or more importantly, give this opportunity to your kids!

I am not the only one with these thoughts of course, here are some references about this topic:

Get hooked as I am!

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