Take care of the developer happiness and the rest will follow2016-12-20T20:26:25.495Z

Software is everything — everything else is nothing

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There are many talks everywhere about efficiency, productivity processes, optimizing tooling and security. The main focus is always on delivering business value and fast.

People are using a bunch of smart buzzwords to support their arguments: DevOps, SAFe, Scrum, PaaS, IaaS, Containers, Agile testing, Continous delivery.

But what about fun and happiness? I am calling Richard Branson for helping me today.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. — Richard Branson

What makes me happy?

As a developer, I like freedom when it comes to coding. Experimenting, playing with code. I love to create great software and follow modern architecture principles. From technical point of view full access to my computer and other devices has priority. It goes without saying, I need unrestricted access to the internet. Working with complex solutions requires instant access to tools and knowledge. I cannot work alone, pair programming is the way I love to work.

I believe that innovation and good software can only arise from a work environment described above.

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Here is my message

It is possible to protect intellectual properties and business values without locking down the development department in the basement. Using outdated content filter firewalls and security policies from the ’90 kills the spirit. Military grade control and overwhelming approval processes result in workarounds and bad software. Easy and seamless communication and knowledge sharing is crucial in the team.

Accept the fact technology and software is everywhere. The people crating them need space. Believe in them, they are burning for creating great software!

That was my rant on developer happiness. I would like to hear your voice! What makes you a happy developer?

Happy holidays.